Shredding Slopes
I'm Allie, 15 Wisconsin, Snowboarding, Surfing,Longboarding, and Soccer are my life, My favourite snowboarders are; Mark and Craig Mcmorris,Max Parrot,Stale Sandbech,Sebastien Toutant,Sven Thorgren,Kelly Clark,Torstein Horgmo, Travis Rice,Jack Mitrani, Zak Hale, Ethan Deiss, Jeremy Jones,John Jackson,and Danny Davis. My favorite surfers are;Gabriel Medina,Kolohe Andino,Kelly Slater,Taj Burrow,Joel Parkinson,Mick Fanning,John John Florence,Carissa Moore,Stephanie Gilmore,Coco Ho,and Alana Blanchard
dont you think coco and mark are cute together aww

They are so cute together! it’s a cool fit for them both being boarders!


Stale Sandbech

@stalesandbech doing hes own little opening ceremony here in Sochi…